Terms For Hay Fishing Classic 2023

2023 Photo Entry Rules

* All legal, native fish caught must be photographed and sent to registration tent.
* Photos must be of a live fish – any signs of excessive blood or improper handling will be considered unfit for entry.
* Fish must be photographed on a brag mat with the photo taken square on to the fish with numbers visible.
* Your entry tag must be placed at the top of the mat and be clearly seen in the photo
* The nose of the fish must be level with the zero mark or against the stopper if your mat has one. The entire fish and the edge of the measuring mat must be visible so the length can be clearly identified.
* The dorsal fin should be at the top of the mat.
* The mat should be on a flat surface with no creases.
* Entries will be judged on length in cm and must be rounded down to the nearest centimetre. To take the lead, the fish must be 1cm longer than the current leader.
* Any digital manipulation will be considered cheating and entrants will be disqualified from the competition.

Rules and Regulations

Conditions of Entry

* This is a catch and release competition
* Fishing zones approximately 10 kilometres either side of the Sandy Point Reserve (between Sturts Mark Tree and the Hay Weir)
* Fishing may be by boat or river bank.
* Boating regulations as per NSW Maritime.
* Two attended rods only – use of illegal bait/equipment will result in disqualification.
* Boats and equipment are the sole responsibility of the competitors.
* Children are the responsibility of their parents/guardians and must wear certified life jackets at all times when travelling in boats.
* Competitors using boats are requested to travel at a respectable speed in consideration for other competitors.

All photo entries must be sent during the competition times
(Saturday 6am to 6pm and Sunday 6am to 11am)
Phone Number will be sent to your registered mobile number prior to event

Include – your tag, species of fish and length in cm

Longest fish entries

* Instructions for photographing and measuring fish on reverse side.
* In the event of a tie, the earliest photograph entrant will be deemed the winner.
* No late entries will be accepted and the committee’s decision is final.

Liability Exclusion and Indemnity

The entrant in this competition hereby acknowledges and agrees that participation in the Hay Fishing Classic may carry the possibility of accident or injuries to the person or property and that risk is hereby accepted and further the entrant hereby indemnifies the organising committee, its officials, servants, agents and sponsors against any claims for damage costs or interest arising out of the negligent or omissions by the entrant

PLEASE NOTE: In the event of any suspected foul play, entrants will be disqualified immediately and for all future Hay Fishing Classic events.

By choosing to purchase a Ticket, you agree to receive notifications communications in the future from the 'Hay Fishing Classic' organisers.